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Disaster Prevention

We have created a system to support risk management and to assist disaster prevention, whether natural or man-made. The system works in conjunction with other systems to meet the needs of Intelligent and Resilient Cities.

Prevention Plan

We use UN guidelines to guide us in the right direction. There are 10 steps a city must take to become resilient:

  1. Disaster risk reduction – joint action
  2. Budget for risk reduction
  3. Updated risk and vulnerability database
  4. Upgraded risk reduction infrastructure
  5. Safety of schools and health centers
  6. Realistic local regulations
  7. Education programs and training in about local risks
  8. Protection of ecosystems
  9. Alert / alarm systems and emergency management
  10. Focus on survivor’s needs after disasters 

Our work is targeted to steps 3, 4, 6 and 9. Through an online platform, we provide sensitive, organized and relevant data, using central monitoring tools displayed in a control room which features:

  • Design of screens with quantitative information through graphs
  • Dashboards with agglutination of transversal information in a customized way with the client
  • Automation of disasters prediction with use of real time information
  • Generation of algorithms with Artificial Intelligence to support alert generation
  • Sensors to capture environmental information, such as slopes movement caused by nature or by construction works.
  • Cloud platform integration with different systems

Active Monitoring System


Our Active Monitoring System concentrates the data collected from our own sources with third party environmental data. We use sensors that complement existing ones, avoiding wasted expenses by reusing existing infrastructure. The end result is the generation of early warning warnings, allowing the decision making with a greater time than the existing ones.

Professionals specializing in each area, such as engineers, architects, geologists, climatologists, health professionals and public safety professionals, work with us in the project design in each location and in every risk situation, allowing all future system users to obtain precise and relevant information about their environment.