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Pipeline Inspection

Our device gathers information about pipeline physical integrity, including QAV, LPG, NAFTA, Diesel, Gasoline, ethanol, water and other fluids.

The Autonomous Robotic Inspection Probe (a.k.a G.A.R.I.)  differentiate itself from traditional inspection as it is able to move the sensors throughout the pipeline.

The control system development was sponsored by “SENAI” in partnership with “SENAI Embedded Systems Institute”.

The robot movement system was jointly developed by “SENAI Polymer Engineering Institute” with consulting from “LAMECC”, from UFRGS federal university.

“Festo do Brasil” supported the pneumatic components, especially the flexible muscles used for longitudinal movement.

The field tests are a collaborative partnership with “CENPES” / “Petrobras” and “BR Distribuidora”, in QAV distribution systems at brazilian airports.