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Upsensor and BSE Engenharia begin working at UHE on 07/14

In order to automate the collection of data from flow meters and piezometers, the partnership will innovate by installing sonars for flow monitoring. With the geotechnical support of BSE Engenharia, Upsensor, using Maxbotix and Altus technology, will integrate data collection with the system already installed at the HPP (Sep / 2020).

Upsensor is selected from more than 350 companies at Petrobras Connections for Innovation 2020

Petrobras Conexões para Inovação consists of a series of initiatives designed to intensify cooperation between companies – large, small or micro – and scientific and technological research institutions to transform scientific articles into implemented innovations (link). With the proposal “Integrated and portable system for continuous monitoring of air quality and meteorology”, it aims to meet the demand for monitoring of particulate material and meteorological parameters in remote locations in order to enable the controlled burning of oil after incidents of leaks at sea , in the situations provided for in CONAMA Resolution 482/2017. (Oct / 2020).

Upsensor finalizes DFESA / ANEEL project

Upsensor completed its activities within the project Usina Hidrelétrica 4.0, a R&D project by Dona Francisca Energética SA, with the execution of the Senai Institute of Embedded Systems, SC, UFRGS and Upsensor. (Sep / 2020).

Upsensor performs wall thickness tests and visual inspection for Petrobras project

Using a ¼ ‘ultrasound transducer and operating at 5MHz coupled to the GARI, Upsensor in partnership with the Senai Institute of Embedded Systems and the Senai Institute of Polymer Engineering, carried out the wall thickness measurement tests in moving ducts in step, for concept testing for use on the Annelida robot. The focus is on using self-propelled robots for inspection and operation on non-pigable lines. (Feb / 2020).

Participation in the 2019 ANP Award

In a ceremony at the Itamaraty Palace, in Rio de Janeiro, the ANP (National Petroleum Agency) presented the 2019 award for the research projects in Oil, Gas and Energy. The following institutions participate in the ANNELIDA project (finalist): Instituto de Informática / UFRGS, LAMECC / ENG-UFRGS Laboratory, SENAI Institute for Innovation in Embedded Systems, SC, SENAI Institute for Innovation in Polymer Engineering, RS and University of São Paulo (USP) ), in addition to & nbsp; Petrobras. The award was held this Thursday (28/11/2019).

The project, entitled Annelida, will help the state-owned oil company to reduce estimated losses in billions of reais in the replacement of damaged pipelines and in lost profits resulting from the operation. The oil extracted from the pre-salt leaves the soil at a temperature of 60 to 70ºC, but it is cooling when passing through the ocean, a course of up to 7 km, reaching a temperature of 4ºC. This cooling causes the oil to solidify and release hydrates and paraffins, which adhere to the duct wall, which can clog it. The initiative is under development and should be tested in 2020.

The complexity of the project required the partner institutions to develop 14 new technologies. Among them are heating, feeding, sensing, control and communication systems, cargo transmission, pressure vessels, even a specific risk analysis process ( source nov / 2019).

Receiving an award at the Itamatary Palace (RJ) for the ANNELIDA project: Hugo Santos (CENPES / PETROBRAS), André Wentz (SENAI / RS), Paulo Violada (SENAI / SC), Cristiane Becker (SENAI / RS), Ivan Boesing (UPSENSOR / UFRGS) and Anselmo Silva Jr (SENAI / SC)

Upsensor develops and installs air quality monitors for the Porto Ar Alegre project

Upsensor develops and supports air quality monitors in Porto Alegre, with transmission of pollution levels over the internet by an app on an experimental basis. They were initially installed in five locations: UBS Costa e Silva (Rua Dante Ângelo Pilla, 373), UBS Santa Cecília (Rua São Manoel, 543), UFCSPA (Rua Sarmento Leite, 245), UBS Director Pestana (Rua Dona Teodora, 1016) and UBS Restinga (Rua Abolição, 850), the latter belonging to the Municipal Health Secretariat

Upsensor settles in Tecnosinos

The Technological Park of São Leopoldo – Tecnosinos has all the necessary infrastructure to transform innovative ideas into opportunities. Our goal is to foster new economies in the area of ​​technology guided by innovative entrepreneurship, and assist in the sustainable development of the region. Created more than 20 years ago, Tecnosinos houses companies in the areas of Information Technology, Semiconductors, Automation and Engineering, Communication and Digital Convergence, Health Technologies and Renewable Energies and Socioenvironmental Technologies. Currently, there are 93 national and international companies, with a turnover of more than R $ 2.5 billion and 120 intellectual property registrations. Large global companies join dozens of startups incubated and graduated from the Innovation and Technology Unit (Unitec), generating innovation and driving the economy. Today, the park is responsible for generating thousands of jobs, developing an entrepreneurial culture and putting the name of the municipality on the world map. Currently, six countries are present in the park: Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Holland, India, Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, Tecnosinos has signed partnerships with several technology parks worldwide, and is part of the International Association of Technology Parks (IASP), which houses more than 400 technology parks worldwide.

Tecnosinos in numbers:

35 thousand square meters
33 incubated startups
60 consolidated companies
6 thousand direct jobs

Upsensor is selected from over 100 Startups for the Mining Hub

The 15 Brazilian startups that will integrate the Mining Hub were selected, an initiative of the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM), an associate institution of Aberje, in partnership with Neo Ventures and 18 companies, which stimulates the development of innovative solutions for the mining sector. . Mining Hub bootcamp held in Belo Horizonte, MG (source)

Upsensor participates in the signing of the contract between DFESA and UFRGS

Team representatives and authorities on signing the contract (from left to right): Gustavo Selbach ”, Jair F, Floriano Silva *, Marcelo Marques *, Carlos T. Formoso *, Paulo AL Kafer #, Luiz A. Bressani *, Camila Dahm Smiderle%, Roberto Andrade $, Deise G. Fávero *, Eduardo B. Simões *, Wai YY Gehling , Ivan Boesing ”, Ricardo Eifler% – () UFRGS; (#) DFESA; ($) Senai Institute of Innovation SENAI-SC; CEEE (%) (“) UpSensor.

On December 6, 2018, the contract between UFRGS and the company Dona Francisca Energética S.A. was signed, which aims to develop studies related to HPP Dona Francisca. The hydroelectric plant belongs to the Jacuí System for power generation, supplying 125MW (equivalent to ~ 5% of the total electricity consumed in RS – data 2012). The project aims to develop an Intelligent Monitoring and Control System for the reservoir and bus structure of the Plant and the work involves the research group LAGEOtec of PPGCI and will have the participation of other partners (Senai Institute of Innovation SENAI-SC, Upsensor). The PPGCI group will be responsible for the analysis and interpretation of historical data for monitoring the structural and geotechnical behavior of the Plant, including its foundations, and will work together with other teams in the development of automation and data collection and analysis and process improvements, aiming to increase the safety and reliability of the processes. The team will also study the behavior patterns of the bus structure and define the parameters and levels of control and alert.

Upsensor at Petrobras Expo Robotics

Upsensor participated as a guest at Petrobras Expo Robótica, an event aimed at promoting research in robotics, networking aimed at R&D cooperation, digital transformation and discussion of development challenges and priorities in the area. Participation took place through the exhibition of the G.A.R.I.

The robot was developed in partnership with the Senai Institute for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (SENAI-RS) and with the Senai Institute for Innovation in Embedded Systems (SENAI-SC). Both institutions were present during the event with Upsensor in the demonstration of the equipment’s functioning as well as in the explanation of the equipment’s potential for measuring duct wall thickness through ultrasound, analysis of internal geometry by laser, generation of images of the internal walls through a camera attached to the external PC. However, the greatest success of the exhibition was due to the demonstration of the locomotion system through grip balloons and pneumatic muscles, making the “legs” adapt to the irregularities of the walls without damaging them.

Upsensor, DFESA and Senai Innovation Institute SENAI-SC sign contract

Representatives from DFESA, the Senai Innovation Institute SENAI-SC and UPSENSOR signed a contract on 08/02/2018 for the project to develop a monitoring system for the Hydroelectric Dona Francisca.

Upsensor holds the Industry Robotics Challenge

A space for two robotics disputes, one from the Social Service for Industry (SESI) and the other from the National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI), was set up at the School of the Future.
At the Industry Robotics Challenge, a demonstration event organized by SESI, 48 teams of students aged 14 to 17, from SESI and SENAI, will develop robots to perform missions autonomously. The missions will be carried out in a shared arena, simulating processes from eight industrial segments: Mining, bakery, refrigerator, civil construction, machinery and equipment, pulp and paper, automotive vehicles and textiles. Source

Upsensor participates in the inauguration of the SENAI Institute of Embedded Systems (SC)

CNI president in front of the Upsensor robot. Inauguration of the Senai Institute for Innovation in Embedded Systems.

Upsensor is cited in CNI report on Industry 4.0

Senai institutes want to leverage industry 4.0 in the country and Upsensor is cited as a successful case in the partnership between Senai Innovation Institutes and the industry. The moment was recorded during the inauguration of the Senai Institute for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (RS). Source